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Article: Environmentally friendly materials adopted by KAPOK KNOT ~Vol.3 "TENCEL™"~

Environmentally friendly materials adopted by KAPOK KNOT ~Vol.3 "TENCEL™"~

May 30th is "Zero Waste Day" and June 5th is "World Environment Day."

KAPOK KNOT has titled this past week as "Green Fashion Week" and is introducing the "environmentally friendly materials" that we incorporate into our manufacturing.

Although Green Fashion Week has passed, there are some sustainable materials that I would like to introduce to you at the end.

That is "TENCEL™".

TENCEL™, a fiber said to be “the most environmentally friendly in the world”

"TENCEL™" is made from wood such as eucalyptus.

Because it is a naturally derived material, it biodegrades when buried in the soil and returns to the natural environment.

In addition, eucalyptus grows quickly and does not require large amounts of water to cultivate, and the solvent used in the process of dissolving the wood pulp is harmless to nature and humans, and is reused with a recovery rate of approximately 99%. It is attracting attention as a material with the lowest environmental impact as it produces virtually no harmful wastewater.

Because of its manufacturing background, it is said to be the most environmentally friendly fiber in the world.
A type of TENCEL™ with virtually zero CO2 emissions has been released since 2020.

We clearly indicate CFP on all of our products, and the reason we use TENCEL™ is because it is an environmentally friendly material.

KAPOK KNOT uses Tencel™ in some of its HOME collection futons and spring/summer products .


■New spring/summer item “Gown dress: Dress”

Characteristics of TENCEL™ fiber, which is gentle on the skin

TENCEL™ fiber is not only sustainable, but it is also a revolutionary material that is gentle on the skin.

A material that combines the comfort of natural fibers (linen, cotton, etc.) with functionality similar to synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, etc.). Let's take a closer look at the features.

① Excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties

Skilled in efficient "moisture management".
It dries quickly and quickly absorbs sweat and heat released from the body, making it ideal for hot summer days.
Furthermore, it has moisture-absorbing and moisturizing properties, so even in the dry season, if you wear an item made of Tencel material, it will moisturize you from the inside, making it suitable for all seasons.

② Silk-like feel

It has a finer texture than wool or cotton , and has a moist and melting texture.
It has a soft touch that fits your skin and provides a comfortable fit.

③ Elegant and shiny texture

Its unique thickness and soft texture are pleasant, and it has just the right amount of luster, so you can enjoy an elegant texture.

④High fiber strength

TENCEL™ has a strength similar to that of synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, etc.) in that it is wrinkle resistant and dries quickly. Since it is a material that dries quickly, we recommend drying it naturally in a well-ventilated place.

Products using TENCEL™ are becoming widespread in our daily lives, including fashion and various other aspects of life. I want to actively choose eco-friendly materials that are kind to the earth and my skin.

KAPOK KNOT fashion items using “TENCEL™”

◆Gown dress: dress

A one-piece outerwear with an elegant look. Made with cool, plant-based materials, this is a great item to wear with different outfits from spring to fall.

Click here for details

◆Gown dress: long sleeve

A collarless shirt dress whose waist can be adjusted with buttons. Recommended as an A-line dress when tied tightly, or as an outer layer that can be worn without tightening to add elegance to a casual outfit. It's an item you'll want to wear all year round.

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*TENCEL™ and TENCEL™ are trademarks of Lenzing AG.