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Article: Environmentally friendly materials adopted by KAPOK KNOT ~Vol.2 Vintage Stock~

Environmentally friendly materials adopted by KAPOK KNOT ~Vol.2 Vintage Stock~

May 30th is "Zero Waste Day" and June 5th is "World Environment Day."

KAPOK KNOT has titled this past week as "Green Fashion Week" and is introducing the "environmentally friendly materials" that we incorporate into our manufacturing.

The second part is about "vintage stock".

What is "vintage stock"?

First of all, do you know what "vintage" means?

There is an image that "vintage = old clothes," but vintage refers not only to old items, but also to ``vintage items that are well-preserved and still have high value.''

Most of the leftover fabric is thrown away, and one theory states that Japan's clothing waste amounts to about 500,000 tons a year, with more than 90% of that being incinerated or sent to landfills.

By upcycling these fabrics, KAPOK KNOT is challenging the following items in order to reduce the environmental impact and enjoy sustainable fashion.

■New spring/summer items using vintage stock

Hood trench: striped

■Fabrics used in this spring/summer items

This fabric is a domestically produced vintage stock that was lying dormant in the warehouse of a long-established fabric store in Kyoto.

By purchasing the fabric and incorporating it into KAPOK KNOT's unique designs, you can revive it as clothing.

Fabric that was originally supposed to be thrown away has been given a new treatment,

A new story will also be born. This is a unique way to enjoy vintage stock.

The charm of vintage stock

①Because it is a precious fabric, it has high scarcity value.

In the fashion industry, where trends change rapidly, there are many fast fashion items on the market, and people around you tend to overlap.

Vintage stock is not a fabric that is currently widely distributed , so it is highly rare and valuable, and you can enjoy your own fashion to the fullest since it is not shared with other people.

② There is no need to reproduce new fabric, so there is less environmental impact.

By using leftover fabric or fabric that is scheduled to be discarded, we can reduce waste and reduce the energy needed to produce new fabric.

◆Hood trench: Stripe

A parka coat for adults that combines elegance and comfort.

A parka coat made from a fabric made from wood pulp called "cotton cupra."

It is lightweight and feels like a shirt. Ideal for situations where you want a thin layer, such as indoors with air conditioning .

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