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Article: Environmentally friendly materials adopted by KAPOK KNOT ~Vol.1 Recycled nylon~

Environmentally friendly materials adopted by KAPOK KNOT ~Vol.1 Recycled nylon~

May 30th is "Zero Waste Day" and June 5th is "World Environment Day."

KAPOK KNOT has titled this week "Green Fashion Week" and will be introducing the "environmentally friendly materials" that we incorporate into our manufacturing.

When you hear the word "KAPOK KNOT," many people probably think of kapok, a material derived from tree nuts. I also get the impression that the cotton from the tree is warm.

In fact, as the brand releases its first spring/summer collection this year, it incorporates many functional and sustainable materials other than kapok.

This time, the first installment, we will pick up "recycled nylon." We will introduce you to many of the environmentally friendly and functional features of the material.

Environmentally friendly chemical fiber “recycled nylon”

When you hear the word nylon, you may have an image that is far from the word sustainable. It is true that nylon is a petroleum-derived material and the manufacturing process consumes a large amount of energy, so the material itself is not environmentally friendly.

That's why we can reduce our environmental impact by replacing nylon with recycled nylon instead of newly made nylon.

These two are the most common raw materials for recycled nylon.

① Waste fibers and fallen cotton from spinning factories, etc.

②Fishing nets used at sea

Nylon is originally a light, durable, and highly functional material. Since the raw materials are more expensive than the same chemical fiber polyester, it is said to have high recycling value.

At KAPOK KNOT, we make a variety of items using recycled nylon, a material that is both sustainable and functional .

◆Air light poncho

*Uses nylon recycled from textile waste.

◆Stand collar gown dress: Plain

*Uses nylon recycled from fishing nets.

Why recycled nylon is sustainable

It seems like it's kind to the environment because it's recycled, but what exactly is it good for? In this part, we would like to dig deeper into the environmental benefits of recycled nylon!

① Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Compared to regular nylon, the environmental impact of the manufacturing process can be reduced. According to one theory, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 18% compared to nylon made from petroleum. It is a material that can contribute to preventing global warming.

②Waste can be used effectively

By using thread scraps from spinning factories and fishing nets that have worn out over time as raw materials, we can reduce waste. Fishing nets in particular are said to account for approximately 46% of marine debris and contribute significantly to marine pollution.

③You can save oil

Oil is one of the limited resources. Reducing the amount of new nylon produced will save oil. By reducing the amount of oil used, harmful emissions from incinerators can be reduced, leading to air pollution countermeasures.

Recycled nylon is a highly functional material

Nylon has been used to make clothes because it is lightweight and durable. We will introduce the points that are excellent in functionality!

・Ultra lightweight and easy to carry

It is said to be lighter than the same amount of natural fiber or polyester. This is useful when you have a lot of luggage, such as camping or traveling.

・Water absorbent, perfect for active scenes

Nylon is often used in sports equipment. It has excellent water absorption properties, so it is useful in situations where you sweat.

・High strength and long-lasting

The material is thin and light, yet highly durable. In particular, nylon made from fishing nets is strong enough to withstand rough waves, so it is resistant to friction and wear.

KAPOK KNOT items made from recycled nylon

◆Air light poncho

The light and elegant silhouette will make you love rainy days.

A water-repellent, multi-weather poncho coat with elements of a trench coat. You can adjust the volume of the slit length and width to your liking using the buttons on the side.

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◆Stand collar gown dress: Plain

A chic shirt dress that comes in handy while traveling

A shirt dress made from 100% recycled fabric, made from recovered fishing nets. The design hides the stand-up collar and buttons on the back for a chic look.

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