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Article: ~2 days of thinking about sustainable manufacturing~ Golden Week Event Report @MIYASHITA PARK STORE

~2 days of thinking about sustainable manufacturing~ Golden Week Event Report @MIYASHITA PARK STORE

Golden Week is the first time in three years that there are no restrictions on movement.
I'm sure many of you were able to have long-awaited encounters with places you wanted to go and people you wanted to meet.

It was a very happy encounter for KAPOK KNOT. This is a meeting with everyone who visited the event at MIYASHITA PARK STORE held on May 3rd (Wednesday) and May 5th (Friday).

Some of the participants had been supporting KAPOK KNOT for a long time, while others were visiting the store for the first time. We would like to introduce the details of the event, which was a great success.

・May 3rd (Wednesday): "Fashion Design Course" taught by KAPOK KNOT designers

・May 5th (Friday): “New product introduction event” to convey the thoughts of the founder of KAPOK KNOT

On Wednesday, May 3rd, KAPOK KNOT designer
Kuniaki Mitsushio served as a lecturer and held a workshop where you could experience the thinking of a fashion designer.


First, Manshio introduced the design method, and then the participants were asked to draw pictures of their own original experiences, such as ``what got you interested in fashion'' and ``the most moving scenes you've ever seen.'' It was drawn by .


After that, it was time to incorporate the elements of the drawing into the design of the clothes. At first, the participants said, ``I can't draw design drawings!''
By the end of the event, they had created many design drawings. skillful!)


Finally, it's time to choose the fabric that matches your design. Everyone was excited about the sustainable fabrics that KAPOK KNOT uses in its manufacturing, such as recycled nylon and water-repellent materials processed using environmentally friendly technology. In the end, by combining the design drawings and fabrics, you have completed a one-of-a-kind design blueprint that only you can create!

On May 5th (Friday), KAPOK KNOT representative Kisho Fukai led a tour of MIYASHITA PARK STORE and introduced this year's new KAPOK KNOT HOME and SS collection.


Some of the participants were regular participants at KAPOK KNOT events, and they looked forward to hearing about the new products.


What was particularly exciting was the explanation of one-piece dresses, a spring/summer item. They seemed to be interested in the multi-way design, which can be used as both a dress and an outer layer. We received happy comments such as, ``I'll be coming back again with my family!''

Experience events at MIYASHITA PARK are held every weekend!

At MIYASHITA PARK STORE, we hold "KNOT LAB", a workshop where you can think about "sustainable manufacturing" every weekend!

This is a workshop where you can see, touch and learn about KAPOK KNOT's commitment to manufacturing and sustainable materials, so if you are interested, please make a reservation below.

(This is different from the GW event content introduced this time)

KNOT LAB Click here to make a reservation

*You can participate in "KNOT LAB" for free.