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Article: KAPOK KNOT HOME ~To breathe deeply and live a life immersed in something~

KAPOK KNOT HOME ~To breathe deeply and live a life immersed in something~

HOME series started from customer feedback

Two years ago, when KAPOK KNOT opened a showroom on the second floor of a small building in Nihonbashi, we first received a request from a customer we are still close with to make bedding and home items using kapok. It was the trigger. That's how we started developing HOME items, but since we are a brand that makes outerwear, we proceeded with development and made prototypes that failed, and just when we thought we were finished, the craftsmen at the factory told us that mass production would be difficult. After years of trial and error, we were finally able to commercialize the product.

Over the past two years, we have received many requests from customers and the media to create bedding and home items, and we have been thinking about what kind of series we should create and what new lifestyles we should propose. Ta.

A lifestyle that is possible because it is made from plants

Where would you like to take a deep breath?

A forest rich in nature, the shores of a crystal-clear lake, and a seaside with a calm horizon.

I think many people imagine a place overflowing with the power of nature. When I talk to Kapok Knot's customers, I come across many people who rely on the power of nature as their livelihood. That's why, as a brand that uses the plant-derived material kapok, we decided to create this HOME series centered around the power of nature and plants.

Although it is possible to create a feeling of relaxation with the power of plants, I thought of not only a relaxed feeling of comfy, but also a dignified lifestyle of being active and motivated even at home. Therefore, the concept of KAPOK KNOT HOME is "Chic & comfy". We designed the HOME series to help you pamper yourself at home, breathe deeply, forget about time, and get absorbed in something.

Rather than a futon, it's a large piece of clothing that coordinates the room.

KAPOK KNOT is a fashion brand, so we placed great importance on the keyword "wearing." It's more than just a futon or a blanket; it's a fashion brand, so we offer the idea of ​​wearing it as a piece of clothing.It has a dignified interior feel, an exquisite texture that makes your skin feel like you're sleeping, and functionality that expands your life with a variety of uses. .

We imagine fashion that allows you to immerse yourself in something, such as spending time at home with your loved ones in a slightly more elegant manner, hobbies that require you to straighten your posture and concentrate, or time that involves doing housework skillfully. We have carefully selected colors and materials that are familiar to your skin, yet allow you to coordinate your time at home like fashion.

We will deliver this message to the person who sent it first.

Thank you for reading to the end.

The product will be released on March 28th, but for those who read the message to the end, we will be able to pre-order it in advance of the release so that it will be delivered to you as soon as possible and you can use it for a long time. Ta.

KAPOK KNOT HOME advance reservation page is here

We created the HOME series with people such as a kapok farm, a futon factory in Gunma, a blanket factory in Tokyo, and a sewing craftsman in Shizuoka. Please take a look at KAPOK KNOT HOME, where each stitch is sewn with passion.

KAPOK KNOT designer Manshio.