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Article: Thoughts put into the design ~Work jacket~

Thoughts put into the design ~Work jacket~

This time of year, when the Japanese archipelago gradually turns bright red from the northern countries, it is one of the symbols of the beauty of Japan's four seasons.

Go on a trip to enjoy the autumn leaves, or enjoy stargazing with your children under the clear autumn sky.

The temperature will continue to drop, but this is the season to have lots of fun outside.

``Work Jacket'' is a product that we created to help people enjoy such fun times together!

The goal was to create an elegant short jacket that could be worn every day without worrying about getting dirty.

We would like to share with you the thoughts behind this new design.


<Table of contents>

・Reason for making work jackets

・Design features: Adult casual with a sense of elegance and glamor

・Functional features: Functional details that can be used outdoors

・Recommended way to wear work jacket

Why we created a work jacket

One of KAPOK KNOT's most popular products is the ``Quilted Coat,'' an outerwear with an elegant and classical atmosphere. This long coat is easy to throw on, yet warm like down, and was very popular last season.

This season, I want to create short-length outerwear that has the elegance of a quilted coat, but can be worn with a wider variety of outfits. This work jacket was created with that in mind. We used kapok for the filling to create a jacket that is warm enough to be used as an outer layer.

Design features

It's easy to match with casual outfits, and doesn't forget its elegance . This is a design that will make you want to enjoy such "adult casual" coordination.

<Three features of the design>

① Tighten your waist to avoid bulking up. An elegant and gorgeous A-line silhouette.

■As it is collarless, it can be styled in a wide range of ways, such as matching it with shirts and turtlenecks.


■Large tabs and buttons on the cuffs create a classic atmosphere.

Functional features

A typical work jacket is a piece of clothing that was originally useful as work wear. KAPOK KNOT has been updated to be an item that can be worn elegantly while retaining the functionality of a work jacket.

It features four large pockets, so you can go out for a short walk or shopping in the neighborhood without a bag.

Another point is that the fabric has been treated to be stain-resistant and water-repellent. You can wear it every day without worrying about dirt or weather.

The collar and front end are treated with piping to prevent them from unraveling, making them extremely durable. The black piping has a bicolor color scheme, so you can wear it for a modern look.


Recommended ways to wear work jackets

A work jacket that you want to wear in a variety of situations. In particular, we will introduce the occasions and styles of wearing that KAPOK KNOT recommends.

① Going out with mom friends with children

An elegant moment at a stylish cafe with mom friends. By cinching the waist and creating an A-line, it has an elegance that goes well with fashionable occasions. You can wear it without worrying about getting it dirty, so you don't have to worry about playing with your kids at the park.

② For those who want to wear it on and off every day, whether at work or when going out on holidays.

On work days, wear a blouse and slacks for a relaxed, mature look. For a lunch with friends on a holiday, pair it with denim for a neat and casual look. It goes well with a variety of outfits, so you'll want to wear it every day.

③ When you want to take stylish photos while viewing autumn leaves or hiking

If you don't usually go outdoors often, you may have trouble deciding what to wear when traveling or hiking several times a year. If you have this one, it's light and warm, and it's also stain-resistant and water-repellent, so you can use it outdoors. You can also look stylish in photos while traveling .


We hope that this item will brighten up your everyday life as the weather gets even colder.

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