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Article: Thoughts put into the design ~Long vest~

Thoughts put into the design ~Long vest~

As we enter October, we are starting to feel the signs of autumn little by little.

I'm secretly looking forward to seeing how the seasons change from summer to autumn.

If you casually observe the subtle changes in the colors of nature and people's fashion, you will feel precious.

On days when it's still a bit hot, people are wearing thick hoodies while flying because they can't wait for fall. Next to him was a person wearing a T-shirt and shorts, holding out the last vestiges of summer.

For those of you who are wandering between these seasons and want to wear clothes that make your heart flutter, no matter what the occasion!

We created a ``long vest'' that expands the range of coordination for early fall and protects you from the cold in an emergency!

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・Reason for creating a long vest

・Design features: Elegant details incorporating trench elements

・Functional features: No stiff shoulders! Comfortable and skin-friendly

・Long vest that you want to wear in these situations

Why we made a long vest

We received a feedback from a customer who loves KAPOK KNOT saying, ``It's too early to wear a winter coat, but I want a vest that I can wear in the chilly early autumn months.'' We created an outerwear without sleeves.

Lately, we've been seeing a lot of long vests and gilets, but even though they're an accent to your outfit, do you ever feel like they're not enough to keep you warm from the cold? On the other hand, if you wear an inner vest that emphasizes cold protection, it may interfere with your coordination.

That's why we decided to create a stylish and warm long vest that makes you feel good the moment you put it on.

Design features

In terms of design, our goal was to create a piece that expands the range of outfits, allowing you to coordinate with whatever you wear inside.

The sturdy collar and double buttons of a trench coat create an elegant atmosphere just by wearing it over a T-shirt or blouse.

It also has a deep slit in the back. The slit sways as you walk, just like a Chinese dress. It makes your walking look gorgeous.

Functional features

The outer material is made of wool-like polyester. The great thing about it is that it's much lighter than wool, so it won't cause stiff shoulders. It also does not have the prickly feeling that is typical of wool, so it is gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear. I chose this fabric because I want you to feel comfortable and fashionable.

The kapok sheet is filled in from the shoulders to the end of the long hem, so it wraps your whole body in warmth.

A long vest that you would like to wear in these situations

This item is easy to match with any occasion, but here are some of the scenes recommended by KAPOK KNOT designers.

・For dropping off and picking up children at kindergarten
I want to be a mom who wears clothes that are easy to move in, and who also cares about fashion for her children. Just wear this long vest over denim and a T-shirt and you'll be a fashionable mom.

・For an energetic outing such as eating at a restaurant
You want to wear light clothes indoors, but going out in the cold autumn is the best time to go without anything on top. Pair it with a long vest over a dress or blouse to complete an elegant outfit.

・For mid-winter trips when a long coat alone is not enough

I don't think there are many stylish items that can be worn on top of the inner vest or down jacket that can be worn under a long coat. If you wear this long vest underneath, you can stay stylish even when you go indoors and take off your coat.

So that you can enjoy fashion while feeling the warmth from the beginning of autumn. I hope this item will help you coordinate your autumn/winter outfits.

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