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Article: [Recommended introduction by theme] Items that allow you to enjoy your own fashion whether in the city or in nature

[Recommended introduction by theme] Items that allow you to enjoy your own fashion whether in the city or in nature

What I usually like is pretty fashion such as dresses and blouses.
But recently, I got into camping and bought a jacket for outdoor use, but found that none of the clothes I already had matched well with me. In the end, I ended up wearing casual outfits like T-shirts and denims that I wouldn't normally wear.

Do you ever end up giving up on the fashion you really want to wear?

We often hear from customers who have changed their lifestyles due to the spread of infectious diseases in recent years, such as moving to the countryside full of nature or taking up weekend camping or fishing.

So this time, we would like to introduce you to a number of items that allow you to enjoy fashion without having to hold back, whether in the city or in nature!

air light jacket

A jacket that is functional enough to be used outdoors, yet easy to match with any fashion. Thanks to the moisture-wicking and heat-generating properties of kapok, it has the same warmth as down, and the brushed lining also provides warmth in areas that come in contact with the skin. The outer material is coated with a water-repellent and windproof coating, so you can rest assured that this is the only item you need when you're hiking or camping in changeable weather.

On the other hand, women are able to tighten the waist so that they can match it with neat fashion such as dresses. For men, the hem can be tightened so you can enjoy a smart look without looking too bulky.

By the way, this "Air Light Jacket" is a standard popular item of KAPOK KNOT, which received more than 15 million yen in support from Makuake, and is also an award-winning product of Makuake of the year 2021. Also, due to its functionality and design, it is the item with the highest staff ownership rate!

■Air light jacket (ladies) product page
Air light jacket (men's) product page

poncho coat

The next item is last year's very popular item, ``Poncho Coat''. It sold out immediately after it went on sale, and was the number one registrant for restock notifications.

The most distinctive feature is its silhouette. The design combines the best features of the ``poncho,'' which is easy to use in outdoor situations, and the classic office casual ``trench coat.'' With its large hood typical of a ``poncho'' and water-repellent and stain-resistant fabric, it is sure to be useful in outdoor situations! In addition, the double buttons and belt on the cuffs give it a structured feel that is unique to a trench coat.

This item was created last year in collaboration with architect Makoto Tanijiri and chef Naoko Tanijiri . This product was born out of the two of us living in Tokyo on weekdays and spending weekends in nature, and we wanted items that would fit into both nature and city life. This outfit is perfect for this theme!

■Poncho coat product page

shirt blouson

As an outer layer over a T-shirt or as an inner layer under a coat. Introducing the ``shirt blouson'', a versatile item that can be used for a variety of purposes.

This collared shirt is made of firm wool-like fabric and goes perfectly with neat fashion. It is also recommended for outdoor events such as hiking and BBQs that do not require heavy equipment. You can enjoy fashion in your own way even when you are out in nature. This is a piece that will expand your coordination.

This is a unisex item and is made with a slightly larger shoulder and body width. The drop shoulder silhouette is attractive, making it easy to match with casual fashion.

■Shirt blouson product page

tote bag

The last item is a bag, an accessory item that will be sold for the first time as a brand. The water-repellent fabric on the surface and the soft kapok filling protect the contents of your precious bag.

The bag comes in two colors: black and greige. The shape is vertical and horizontal, and the horizontal one is available in two sizes, large and small. The small portrait and landscape sizes are large enough to fit a 13 inch Mac Book (length: 21.24cm, depth: 30.41cm, height: 1.56cm). Perfect for everyday commuting or going out. The large horizontal size is available in a size that can be used for short trips and business trips.

By the way, the horizontally long bag also comes with two patterns of handles. In addition to the simple handle like a regular tote bag, there is also a handle that is attached to the main body of the bag like a belt. You can also use it like a messenger bag by carrying it over your shoulder.

The entire bag is made of soft fabric, so even if you put heavy items in it, it won't dig into your shoulders!

■Tote bag Large (horizontal) product page

■Tote bag Medium (horizontal) product page

■Tote bag Long (vertical) product page

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Pre-orders for the items introduced this time will begin online from 20:00 on Thursday, July 14th.

All items are in limited quantity, but if you make a reservation at this timing, you can be sure of your order. If you have found the item that is perfect for you, please make a reservation!

[Pre-order product list page]