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Article: Introduced by our staff! The appeal of brands opening at KAPOK marche [Vol.2]

Introduced by our staff! The appeal of brands opening at KAPOK marche [Vol.2]

"KAPOK Marche" is being held for a limited time from March 3rd (Thursday) to March 27th (Sunday) at Kapok Knot's Nihonbashi showroom.

Even though it is only held on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (holidays), many customers come every day!

At "KAPOK marche" you can see 10 brands of products carefully selected by Kapok Knot. We have a lineup of thoughtful items that do not give up on the three elements of [Functionality], [Design], and [Sustainability]!

This is the second installment of a project in which our staff will thoroughly introduce each brand and item.

For those of you who have already visited us or those who have not yet, please take a look!

Heral Bonnie (in charge: Tomo)

・What is the charm of Heral Bonnie?

We are working on transforming art created by artists with intellectual disabilities into products. Although he may be called a disability, he has a myriad of unique characteristics that can be considered talents as an artist, such as rich sensibilities, delicate hands, and bold ideas. In order to deliver such "uniqueness" to society in a variety of ways, our unique feature is that we are defined as a "welfare experiment unit" rather than a welfare organization or a fashion brand.


・What are the [sustainable] features of the item?

We have products that have been upcycled into tote bags from ``Art Tarpaulin,'' a sheet of art printed on which used to decorate temporary fences at construction sites! This is an item that gives you a sense of sustainability, transforming what used to be art around town into a bag you can carry around. Also, since the sheet itself is durable, it is also excellent as a bag.


・Please tell us what products Tomo-san recommends!

A Chester coat with a design on the lining. This is actually a collaboration item between KAPOK KNOT and Heral Bonnie. The design of the careless, free-flowing lines and brushstrokes leaves a lasting impression on people because it is unique. I think this is a rare item that allows you to express your personality through the lining!

Heralbony official website:

going plus (person in charge: Haru)

・What is the appeal of going plus?

Based on the concept of "Bringing a sustainable lifestyle to the world," we develop products and services that allow you to have a "good time and a good lifestyle" in both your private and business settings. We are committed to sustainability in our manufacturing, and our main item, the Sustainable Setup Suit, is only made to order. Normally it would take about 6 months from ordering to shipping, but at "KAPOK marche" you can specially purchase suits at the store!


・How do you like the [functionality] of the item?

The "Sustainable Setup Suit" is made from recycled polyester made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Not only are they sustainable, but they are also highly functional and comfortable to wear. The fabric has just the right texture, not too thin and not too thick, suitable for all seasons. The pants have elastic at the back waist for ease of movement, and pleats at the front give them a sturdy look.


・How about actually trying on the “Sustainable Setup Suit”?

The simple design and small size make it comfortable for women to wear. The fabric has stretch, so it's very easy to move in. The material is also wrinkle-resistant, so it's perfect for business people who are often on the move, such as sitting on the train or storing it in their bag!

goingplus HP:

EIJI (in charge: Miyuu)

・What is the appeal of EIJI?

A brand that makes T-shirts using 100% Ultimate Pima , a rare and valuable raw material that accounts for only 0.03% of the world's organic cotton production . This is an ALL MADE IN JAPAN item where everything from thread to sewing is done in Osaka. Pima cotton has longer fibers than regular cotton, so it doesn't get stiff when made into thread, making it a T-shirt that is very smooth to the touch.

・What are the [sustainable] features of the item?

The T-shirt comes with a ``lifetime guarantee'' that covers repairs and alterations, and is designed to allow you to use it for a long time without having to replace it. Apparently they even replace the collar part, which is a rare service for T-shirts. The T-shirt itself has the characteristic that the more you wear it, the more it blends into your skin, making it a T-shirt that you'll want to wear forever.


・Miyu-san, are there any products you recommend?

"HEAVY WEIGHT CREW-NECK". Although it is a thick and durable fabric, by using the highest grade organic cotton `` Ultimate Pima'' , it has a soft texture that feels good on the skin. Another good thing is that the tag part is made of the same material as the T-shirt, so it doesn't get prickly.


PLASTICITY (Person in charge: Rena)

・What is the appeal of PLASTICITY?

This is a brand that upcycles 80 million discarded plastic umbrellas each year to create bags and other accessories. The name PLASTICITY comes from the coined word "CITY" which has a problem with "PLASTIC". Our aim is to create a world in which discarded plastic umbrellas are no longer available in 10 years, and we have adopted the innovative concept of being a brand that should disappear in 10 years.

・How do you like the [design] of the item?

Each discarded plastic umbrella has a different thickness of fabric and aging, which gives the bag its look. Even the rust that is noticeable when used as an umbrella can be used as a pattern when used as a bag! Even bags of the same PLASTICITY have their own individuality.

・Rena-san, are there any products you recommend?

PLASTICITY classic tote bag! This is a 2-way type bag that allows you to create a partition inside by fastening the side buttons . The fabric is sturdy, so there is no problem even if you put heavy items such as a computer or water bottle in it. Since it is originally a vinyl umbrella, it is also nice that it is waterproof.


YURI SATO Person in charge: LiLi

・What is the appeal of YURI SATO?

YURI SATO is a brand that makes jewelry from various terrestrial resources that already exist. We create products that recycle resources by using "urban mines" of silver and gold extracted from home appliances that are discarded in large quantities in cities, and pearls and diamonds extracted from unnecessary jewelry.


・This is a brand with many sustainable features!

I think so! In addition to the features I introduced earlier, the fabric bracelets are made from 100% cotton sample fabrics, and they offer a ``recycling jewelry service'' that takes unused accessories and turns them into new jewelry. We are also active in upcycling initiatives.

Some people may be concerned about the quality of recycled materials, but by re-smelting them, they can be made with the same quality as brand new materials!


・LiLi-san, are there any products you recommend?

A jewelry series called Seed Collection. The design incorporates the positive thoughts of founder SATO YURI, such as ``Thoughts come true'' and ``Seeds that lead to the person you want to be'', based on his original experience. I think it's the perfect piece of jewelry for today's era of freedom, where you can be who you are by wearing it!


* * *

We have provided first-hand comments from our staff members who have actually used the items.

The last 4 days of KAPOK marche, which started on Thursday, March 3rd!

All of the items introduced can be tried on and purchased at the KAPOK marche store, so if you are even slightly interested, please come and visit us!

[KAPOK marche details]

  • [Event period] March 3rd (Thursday) to March 27th (Sunday), 2022 *Closed from Monday to Wednesday due to regular holidays
  • [Venue] Nihonbashi Showroom “Farm to Fashion Base”
  • [Address] Miyanaga Building 1F, 1-10-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022
  • *2 minutes walk from Mitsukoshimae Station A1 exit
  • [Business hours] 12:30-17:30
  • [Marche special page]
  • [Request] The purchased product will be handed over to you on the spot. Please bring your own bag to take home. Please join us in taking sustainable actions.

We look forward to your visit.