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Article: Introduced by our staff! The appeal of brands opening at KAPOK marche [Vol.1]

Introduced by our staff! The appeal of brands opening at KAPOK marche [Vol.1]

"KAPOK marche" is being held for a limited time from March 3rd (Thursday) to March 27th (Sunday) at Kapok Knot's Nihonbashi showroom.

Although it is held only on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (holidays), many customers come every day.

At "KAPOK marche" you can see 10 brands of products carefully selected by Kapok Knot. We have a full lineup of items that are filled with the passion of the creators who do not give up on the three elements of [functionality], [design], and [sustainability]!

"I was interested, but I haven't been able to go yet..."

"I want to see that item again that I couldn't buy last time."

For those who are interested,
our staff will introduce you to the charm of each brand and item!

◆ZEROWASTE LIVING (in charge: Hana)

・What is the appeal of ZEROWASTE LIVING?

A select shop with the theme of a "Zero Waste = No Garbage" lifestyle, with items that support a circular lifestyle while thinking about tomorrow's earth. All of our products are plastic-free and are made from materials that can be returned to the land after use.

Not only the product but also the packaging is 100% plastic free! Most of the commonly used adhesive tape and the ink used to print letters are derived from petroleum, but they use carefully selected materials that are kind to nature, such as soy ink!


・How do you like the [functionality] of the item?

All products can be used for a long time with care! For example, ``Organic Beeswax Wrap'' can be used over and over again by washing it with water and drying it, whereas regular wrap would be disposable.

In addition, the bamboo toothbrush, which is expected to have antibacterial properties, is supervised by a doctor, so it is designed to be gentle on your teeth.

・Hana-san, please tell us what products you recommend!

“Sponge that returns to the soil” is a 100% biodegradable sponge made from a combination of loofah and cellulose! We recommend it because it foams well and is easy to clean, just boil it.

``Mineral Sunscreen'' handmade in Hawaii is a natural material that does not contain ingredients that can harm coral reefs when dissolved in seawater, and is gentle to both people and corals. There's also a stick type, so it's easy to apply and blends perfectly into your skin!



LOVST TOKYO (in charge: Rena)

・What is the appeal of LOVST TOKYO?

This brand sells bags and accessories made from vegan leather made from fruits and vegetables, including ``Apple Leather'' made from discarded apples. I want everyone to know that apple leather is not only an "alternative leather" but also a great product that has features that traditional leather does not have, such as being lightweight and water resistant!

・How do you like the [design] of the item?

Actually, I'm a fan of the "Apple Backpack" made of "Apple Leather", and even though it's a backpack, it has a color and design that goes well with suits and other pretty clothes, so I incorporate it into various outfits every day.

・Rena-san, are there any products you recommend?

After all, it's an "apple backpack." Not only does it have a great design, but it's also highly functional as it's resistant to rain and has a sturdy fabric that won't lose its shape even when you put a lot of things in it! Even if it gets dirty, you can just wipe it with a wet towel, so it's easy to clean.

The other is "Naked Sacoche". Available in two colors, black and greige, both of which are elegant colors. A versatile item with adjustable belt length.


SENN (in charge: Eri)

・What is the appeal of SENN?

The brand concept of ``Less is Beauty, making use of the blank space'' is the essence of this brand. It makes us realize the importance of stopping once and letting go of unnecessary things in our days filled with information .

Based on our philosophy of ``using only what is truly necessary,'' we use only natural ingredients for each item. These items have a nice scent and can be used in everyday routines to provide comfort.

・How do you like the [functionality] of the item?

The two-layered skin care item "WATER OIL BALANCER" is an excellent product that functions as a lotion, emulsion, serum, and cream in one bottle. You can choose from nine types with varying amounts of oil, moisture, and beauty ingredients to suit your skin type and skin concerns. It penetrates well and you can feel your skin getting better!


・Are there any products that Eri-san recommends?

The product I tried and really liked was "flat skin cleanse & wash." A “one-piece face wash” that cleanses and washes your face at the same time! The texture is very light when applied to the skin, and it doesn't have the heaviness that is typical of cleansers, but it cleans properly just by gently rinsing it off! The moist feeling and nice scent after washing are also soothing.

The other is "water in multi balm". A versatile balm that can be used as lip balm, hand cream, hair oil, etc. Many balm items contain petroleum, but this item uses the power of plants to moisturize you! If you have this one in your bag, it's a convenient item that can take care of your dry skin.


E. (MOTHER HOUSE) Person in charge: Minami

・What is the charm of E.?

"E." is an apparel brand of Mother House whose philosophy is to "create a world-class brand from a developing country." The main material is khadi, a hand-spun and hand-woven fabric called the ``Fabric of Freedom'', which is associated with the history of India's independence. At our own factory in Kolkata, India, we have a wide selection of items that are carefully finished by seamstresses who understand the characteristics of each fabric.

・How do you like the [functionality] of the item?

Hand-spun and hand-woven fabric ``khadi'' is characterized by the ``non-uniformity'' of the threads that are spun by hand one by one. Not only does it give the fabric a three-dimensional feel, but the inclusion of air also creates functionality such as warmth and breathability! It also has a very nice texture.


・Minami-san, are there any products you recommend?

Kankan is a panda stuffed toy made from Kadi! The outer fabric of this kankan is made of khadi, which is soft to the touch, and the inside is made of kapok, making it very light. You can also wash it by hand by removing the kapok part inside, so you can keep it clean and it is recommended as a gift for children.

E. HP:

SOMALI (Kimura Soap) Person in charge: LiLi

・What is the appeal of SOMALI?

SOMALI items are made from only three elements: ``100% pure soap made with vegetable oil,'' ``natural minerals,'' and ``plant-derived ingredients.'' It is created based on the concept of using only the minimum necessary materials and not including unnecessary items, so it can be used with confidence even by small children and has a low impact on the environment.


・How do you like the [functionality] of the item?

``Clothing rinse agent'' is an excellent product that removes soap scum that causes yellowing and odor from clothes! By using it together with SOMALI's "Liquid Laundry Soap", the effect will be even more effective and the texture after washing will be even better.


・Do you have any recommended products, LiLi?

Liquid soap for the body! Contains plant-derived glycerin, so you can expect a moisturizing effect. There are two scents: natural cypress and natural lavender, and I like the cypress scent. We hope everyone will enjoy the relaxing scent that makes you feel like you're in the forest during bath time!


* * *

The items introduced this time can be purchased at KAPOK marche stores!

We also have testers available for scented products, so please come and try them out.

[KAPOK marche details]

  • [Event period] March 3rd (Thursday) to March 27th (Sunday), 2022 *Closed from Monday to Wednesday due to regular holidays
  • [Venue] Nihonbashi Showroom “Farm to Fashion Base”
  • [Address] Miyanaga Building 1F, 1-10-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022
  • *2 minutes walk from Mitsukoshimae Station A1 exit
  • [Business hours] 12:30-17:30
  • [Marche special page]
  • [Request] The purchased product will be handed over to you on the spot. Please bring your own bag to take home. Please join us in taking sustainable actions.

There are only two weeks left in the KAPOK marche, which started on March 3rd (Thursday).

We look forward to your visit.

In the next Volume 2, we will tell you about the charms of 5 brands that we were not able to introduce this time!