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Article: Thoughts put into KAPOK marche [held from Thursday, March 3, 2022 to Sunday, March 27, 2022]

Thoughts put into KAPOK marche [held from Thursday, March 3, 2022 to Sunday, March 27, 2022]

From March 3rd (Wednesday), Kapok Knot has started a new initiative in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

"KAPOK marche" is a collection of things that we think are really good.

We have items from 10 brands that do not give up on the three elements that Kapok Knot values: [Functionality], [Design], and [Sustainability] .

This initiative began with the keyword "connoisseur" in a note article that CEO Fukai wrote in the new year.

Once again, Fukai would like to share his thoughts on ``KAPOK marche''.

The second half of the article introduces the exhibiting brands , so please read until the end.

【table of contents】

1.Why did you decide to do marche?

2. The etymology of Marche and the thoughts behind it

3.What I realized from actually being a “connoisseur”

4. Social experiment called KAPOK Marche

5. At the end

6. Exhibitor brand introduction

1.Why did you decide to do marche?

This is Kito Fukai, representative of Kapok Knot.

Early in the new year, I wrote this note.

Click here for note article

``In order to realize a world where what should remain remains, we need a discerning eye .''

This note was by far the most popular note in my history.

This was something I had been thinking about a lot, so I was happy to see the response.

That's why this story came up every time I met with acquaintances.

While we were talking at a certain point, a certain story spread.


“So, how do you judge kapok knots?”

I was shocked by this question.

The note I wrote so vigorously was actually a boomerang to myself. lol


The prototype of this “connoisseur” was

Initiatives as KAPOK JAPAN started in May 2021,

A joint showroom that brings together manufacturing D2C brands

There was [The Crafted GINZA] .

Click here for more information about The Crafted GINZA

This initiative at The Crafted GINZA,

We thought it would be possible to develop a product based on the values ​​Kapok Knot values : function, design, and sustainability .

2. The etymology of Marche and the thoughts behind it

Marche means "market" in French.

Do you have the impression that markets are closer to customers than commercial facilities?

For sellers, this allows them to fully convey the appeal of their products.

For customers, there is a sense of security in being able to see the face of the person who made the product.

Furthermore, it is easy to interact with exhibitors and lead to future collaborations.

We named it ``KAPOK marche'' with the hope that it would be a place where people with similar aspirations could connect .

Marche scene

3.What I realized from actually being a “connoisseur”

We actually do the “connoisseur” and

If you imagine a brand that you would like to approach Marche,

It was dozens of times more difficult than I expected.

“Ah, that brand is so cool!”

“I think he would be happy if we could share that view of the world with him!”

It's easy to choose just based on our convenience.

However, each brand has its own circumstances.

It overlaps with other POP UP events,

Sometimes it's out of stock.

Taking these things into account, before you start talking,

I was very worried, wondering how many brands would be willing to cooperate with us .

However, as soon as we started talking to them, everyone readily agreed!

It's hard to believe that this store was built in such a short period of time.

We started off on Thursday, March 3rd surrounded by wonderful products.

Marche scene

4. Social experiment called KAPOK Marche

Marche is a temporary social experiment from March 3rd (Thursday) to March 27th (Sunday) .

Despite this era, there is no online store opening,

It is only sold in stores .

Therefore, some people may say, "You can't buy it from far away!"

This is a point that we were very concerned about.

If this number of responses exceeds a certain number, we will open an online store.

Wouldn't it be nice if they could prepare for that from the beginning?

I can almost hear you saying that, but that's something to look forward to in the future.

Because the demand for remote work is increasing due to the influence of infectious diseases,

This time, we would like to provide the experience of a real store.

5. At the end

The brands that gathered this time are:

These are all brands that we at Kapok Knot respect.

 Here, I would like to introduce one of my favorite words.


A brand is a “vessel that stores context”

If we borrow this word,

The branded vessels gathered this time include:

There's so much context stored up.


[Functionality] that cares about the person who picks it up,

[Design] with attention to beauty down to the details,

[Sustainability] Conveys consideration for the next generation

We have a lineup of brands that pursue the three elements that KAPOK KNOT values.


Everyone who has read this article, please

Please feel the heat at the store.

6. Exhibitor brand introduction

You can see the details of "KAPOK marche" here !